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Friday, April 24, 2009

April Wrap-Up

First, I apologize to my legions of readers for skipping last week’s post. I’m picking away at a complicated, long-range planning topic that’s not ready for prime time. Last week I had nothing else worth saying, and so I said nothing. What a radical concept for a blogger! This week you at least get the month-end wrap-up (yes, I know that there’s nearly a week left in April, but my accounting month ends on the 25th). And so, with a day and a half left in the accounting month, we celebrate another highly successful month.

Total income
: +33%

Total COGS
: +39.2%

: +143.8% (yay me!)

Net Income (Profit)
: -171.3% (ouch!)

The bottom line this April came in $246 below last year because there was an extra payday this year. My year-to-date bottom line is +38% on top-line sales of +33.5%.

My almighty spreadsheet says that Curio City can afford to raise payroll from 18.25 to 18.75% of gross. It’s only $324 per year, but it’s a nice step closer to my ultimate goal of 20%. For reference, payroll started out at 10% and had only grown to 11% by June 2007.

May’s numbers are considerably more challenging. I’ll feel good about the rest of this year if I can bag May’s sales plan.

I shall endeavor to wrap up my Big Post in time for next Friday. If I cannot, maybe I’ll break it down into more manageable chunks.

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