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Friday, June 10, 2011

Please Kill Me Now

The server was down when I tried to log into Mochahost to delete my files and request account closure last Monday. Disgusted, amused, and (above all) vindicated, I gave up trying to nuke the old Curio City and just burrowed down through their FAQs until I could find and file their account closure request form. Two days later I got a reply:

“Dear Client,

“We are sorry that you are not satisfied with our service.

“Please give us a chance to improve, and provide you with a better service.

“I am going to escalate this issue to one of our senior managers for further review and feedback. We will get back to you with further information and hopefully a better solution to this issue ASAP.

“If you are still not happy with the result, you can still proceed with your cancellation, and refund based on our terms and conditions.

“We will get back to you as soon as the request is investigated by one of our managers.”

Oh, holy hell. I’m in Support limbo again! I replied that I already have a better solution, so please get cracking. My email bounced: Undeliverable, mailbox full. I have received three subsequent emails from three different Mocha employees with variations on “I am sending your account cancellation request for processing. You will be notified as soon as the hosting package in question has been deleted,” along with a big block of policy text that boils down to “and we are keeping your money, nyah nyah nyah!”

Fine. I expected no less from you. Keep my $36. Just make the pain go away.

(Cute cat picture goes here. It looks like Blogger's latest update broke image insertions)

I really like finding my store reliably awake and perky at its new Gator home every morning. I wish I could say that higher sales ensued, but alas: June is being a tease. Volume has ranged between three and eight sales a day this week, which is pretty good. But those sales were almost all $20 or less, which is pretty bad. Frustrating! (And then an hour after I wrote that a nice fat $180 cap sale saved the week.)

I’m picking away at a column about the impending economic meltdown and collapse of Western civilization, but I think I’ll peg that one for now. I only run my na├»ve political rants when I don’t have any actual business news. Maybe I’ll spew it out next week. Right now I need to crank out a Fathers Day newsletter.

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