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Friday, August 12, 2011

WTF, America?

I’m sorry that my last post panicked the stock market and tanked the economy. I’m flattered that America’s economy hinges on my blog, and I know that I should be building your confidence, not tearing it down. Sales had been humming along pretty nicely until Monday’s freefall set off a roller coaster that tracked the market’s fortunes.
Seriously, America, get it together. Every time I get a little rally going, you pull something like this. The Great Recession may have ended two years ago for big corporations and those whose earnings come from investments, but us working schlubs have been plodding along for nigh on five years now. Maybe Congressional dysfunction is ending the good times for the capitalists, or maybe not. They’re just getting what they paid for when they bought all those tea party Republican seats. It shouldn’t matter greatly to the rest of us who live paycheck to paycheck. We may not be able to buy Congressmen, but we ultimately do control this economy through consumer psychology.

With no FDR in the White House to remind us not to fear, we have to muddle through on our own. Consumer spending drives 70% of the US economy. When we have confidence and spend our money, everybody prospers.

Most voters finally realize that we need to end this tea party nonsense in 2012. But it’s a long slog until then, and it’s too late to dodge the economic damage that’s coming from the federal austerity that’s already locked in. So if we’re going to keep this party going in the meantime, you need to get serious about consuming…and Curio City is an excellent place to start.

To help you out, I sorted Switchables into subcategories. My fortunes with this product line have risen and dropped through the years as it grew from a tiny, almost-exclusive niche to a mainstream gift item with multiple major competitors. I need to goose sales in advance of this season’s new designs, coming next week.

I was delighted when two Switchables orders came in just hours after I reorganized the department, and you’ve bought a couple more since then. You’re getting the message. Don’t disappoint me, people.


It’s tax-free weekend in Massachusetts again…not that that ever makes much difference to Curio City, but sales tax will be suspended for the next two days. Come on, Massholes, I’m expecting you.

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