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Friday, October 21, 2011

One Last Try at Facebook

I don’t think that last week’s post, in which I lamented the previous post’s non-appearance on Facebook, appeared on Facebook. There’s a toggle on the business page that says “Use FB as Curio City Online” or “Use FB as Ken”, and I accidentally posted as Ken last week. I can see the number of impressions for all of my posts through October 12. That stat disappeared entirely on Oct. 13, and just came back today, confirming that my new-product announcements are being seen normally, but blog posts are not. (I wrestled with the reason for that in my previous three posts.)

From my late teens through my mid 30s, I composed my thoughts about life and the world in general in a handwritten journal that was never meant to be read by anyone. I lost the compulsion to write when I went on antidepressants, and didn’t start writing again until I created this blog to keep a history of my business. The thought that others might read it made me uncomfortable, but maybe other small business owners with similar concerns might share their experience. After all, I work in complete isolation and frequently confront problems that thousands of other people have already solved.

I acquired dozens of readers when I found an app that connects my blog to Facebook (and Twitter, although I don’t pay any attention to that). Now, to my surprise, I find myself frustrated at once again writing for nobody but myself. So I hereby attempt to put my blog before my FB readers one…last…time. Networked Blogs is still installed and superficially appears to work properly, but I don’t think it’s appearing in your News Feed. My posts still appear on my wall, but only show up in your feed if I link to them manually, as I just now did. I’m not going to do that every week because Curious Business is not meant to be a marketing tool. If you want to follow my blog, you'll need to subscribe using one of the services there, or just visit my wall every Friday.

(If I completely misinterpreted FB’s feedback and my posts are appearing in your news feeds as expected, but nobody chooses to read them, then I’m just plain embarrassed.)

In semi-related news, I deleted the Shopbuddy tab this week. I stopped using that Sunshop plugin a few months ago, when Turnkey started charging money for it. AFAIK it never delivered any sales and its absence will not be noticed.

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