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Friday, February 17, 2012

And Then, Nothing Happened

The week of Valentines Day is always among the worst of the year, and this year didn’t disappoint. February numbers come out next week.

The company that I hired to advertise on Facebook sent me their initial proposal. Their $100 “creative services” were…uncreative, to put it charitably. Rewriting their ads set the launch and billing dates back by another week or so, assuming that I accept their revisions. Oh, and I did finally turn down the international freight consolidator that I wrote about last week. So I guess something happened after all.

According to my tax returns, my official 2011 profit was $2,850 – almost identical to the $2,900 that I estimated in December. Cash flow turned red again after paying my CPA for tax preparation, the Secretary of the Commonwealth to accept my annual report, and the Mass. DOR to keep Kraken Enterprises alive. My biggest annual obligations are now met and I’ll be back in the black if business rebounds to normal next week.

This would be a really good time for my Facebook advertising gambit to pay off. 


  1. MAtrix1:50 AM

    They have much better sales people then the actual ability to provide. Even i listen to their pitches and start wondering... maybe i missing something?! but then i realize that i have been doing online marketing / ad words for many years now and face book is notorious for very low conversions across the board for most businesses.
    The face book ads pitchmen are the boiler rooms of the 80s for stocks.

  2. The results will be easily measured. Either they will return the sales increase that justifies the expense, or they will not. If they fail clearly I'll pull the plug after 1 month and be out $350, which is a lot of money but not ruinous. If the results are ambiguous I'll keep it going a second month. I already determined that I can't advertise profitably on Facebook, but it's too big a market to write off without trying a different approach. I am comfortable with my decision.


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