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Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Reprise

It was the Fall of 2011. Edge Magazine, a publication for rich New Jerseyites, included Curio City’s Science Clock in their holiday gift guide. I braced for an angry horde when I couldn’t back up the mere three clocks that I had on hand…and ultimately sold exactly one (and I still have the other two left). The magazine is primarily print, its online gift guide was hard to find and harder to navigate and didn’t use hotlinks, and they just displayed my main store URL rather than the product page. That’s a fail on every level from my point of view. 

So I was less than excited when the Edge editor was kind enough to notify me that she’s including the LP Record Bowl in the March issue of their magazine. Sure it’s a nice product, but it’s at least seven years old and stopped selling entirely a couple of years ago. So…a magazine with a disappointing history is featuring an old product in a non-holiday gift guide? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but I'm not bracing for an onslaught this time. I’ll be happy if I sell any of the seven pieces I have in stock.

(And with that attitude, I’ll probably get hammered by demand I can’t fill.)

Speaking of media randomness…I think that the NetworkedBlogs problem that I’ve been writing about is fixed. My last post appeared on my Facebook wall (or timeline or whatever it’s called), but it didn’t show up in my personal newsfeed. Given that readership remains stuck in the low single digits, I assume that it doesn’t show up in anybody else’s news feed, either, so it’s probably Facebook’s fault. Nothing I can do about that.

If you do happen to see this in your Facebook feed, click the Like button to let me know. Please? It’s not like it costs you anything.


Anxiety over the big tech update that I wrote about earlier consumed most of this week. The last couple of days I've been tracking down some wonky settings and lost customizations, but the upgrade went more smoothly than I'd feared. I haven’t seen the bill yet; all other expenses are still on hold…which is an especially good thing in light of this week’s terrible sales numbers. Right now I'm running 80% behind LY. Bleah.

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