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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Dawn of the Tater Age

As of this morning, Curio City is the official online distributor of the Corn-n-Tater Microwave Cooking Bag. Yup, my on-and-off negotiation that began with last spring's Cavalcade of Crap finally bore fruit -- or vegetables, that is. The manufacturer's “Buy Online” link now goes to my page. 

With the season’s bird kite sales winding down on schedule, lighted caps still moribund, and the new Switchables designs still a couple of weeks from release, the timing couldn’t be better. The Tater guy said that he gets six or eight sales on a typical day, which is a big nuisance to him – he wants to be a manufacturer, not a retailer. That volume would be perfect for me. I can handle up to a dozen sales a day without raising much of a sweat.  

Will Corn-n-Taters reverse my slide? Stay tuned for next week’s post.

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