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Friday, March 21, 2014

Will I Or Won't I?

Will I attend this year’s Cavalcade of Crap or not? I don’t have any money to spend for the reasons that I explained last week; my open-to-buy (such as it is) reads negative $1,143 and I already need to place some reorders. The Boston Gift Show is usually a waste of time and $5 in T fare. Walking the mile from South Station to the Convention Center in Monday’s brutally cold weather is an added disincentive. 

Meeting the Corn-n-Tater bag guy last year reminded me that I do find something worthwhile once every few years. That product brought in nearly $1,000 before it died with 95 pieces left in my cellar. It might have done much better if the owner’s marketing push hadn’t blown up spectacularly. I haven't heard from him since then and I’m not entirely sure that he’s still in business, to be honest.

I won’t decide until Monday morning. Odds are that I’ll go. But I won't like it.


Somebody bought dinner at Pizza Hut, movie tickets from Fandango, and some cosmetics from Cindy Crawford with the Citizens Bank Mastercard that I only ever use to buy merchandise. This is the second time that card has been compromised. It should be pretty easy to identify the thief based on those transactions, but I don’t think banks even try. Fraud is just a cost of doing business.

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