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Friday, April 25, 2014

Losing My Momentum

A nice fat  Switchables sale at 10 pm on Saturday just barely saved last week from setting a new all-time low. Cash flow is in the crapper at a time when I need cash desperately.

With no money, there's not much I can do. I refreshed my pay-per-click campaigns -- raising some keyword bids, shuffling some ad groups around (separating decoy kites from scarecrow kites, for example), rewriting some ads. This week was better, but still not quite up to snuff. March's momentum is gone and April's numbers are going to be anemic at best.

Bird kites are now the workhorse that Panther Vision caps used to be. I'd actually be doing very well had my old superstar not faded to black.

Upgrading my site to make it mobile-friendly and get a new look was supposed to be my top priority for this year. Buying the smartphone and the new laptop put the kibosh on that for the time being. The upgrade itself will only cost $75, but I fully expect the aftermath to cost hundreds. If all goes well I can think about it in June or July.

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  1. Matrix10:26 AM

    How many of your traffic is mobile visitors?

    In analytics you can check that stat. we find over 50% of people only do mobile now. Depends on a site, but at minimum its in the 40s% , hence its very likely every day you dont have mobile, you are losing sales.


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