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Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Doldrums Already

As much as I enjoyed raking in money from all of the bird kite dropships in May, the falcons and hawks are now coming home to roost in a $1,400 nest. I was able to push that bill into July's credit card statement...but paying for May's merchandise in the slowest month of the year is going to be a challenge. The bill for my belated tax return preparation finally came, too. The old familiar cash crisis is back. 

Kite sales have apparently peaked a month earlier than expected. Jackite still hasn't replenished Create-a-Bird (costing me at least a couple hundred bucks a month) and now they're sold out of nearly all of their fiberglass poles, too. No more poles means no more dropships. While my credit card welcomes the relief, my checking account does not.

I've taken a whack out of one of the few variable expenses I can control: pay-per-click ads (even mentioning that topic is throwing chum in the water for the SEO sharks). Spending $30 per day on clicks when sales are averaging $65 is suicidal. I hope that cutting advertising won't prove to be a slower form of death.  

In spite of all this, I'm resolved to go through with my website upgrade during the week in July when I would ordinarily be on vacation. Out of all the "extra" expenses I've taken on this year, this is the only one that might increase sales.

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