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Friday, October 10, 2014

A Motivational Poster! That Would Help.

I finally figured out what was wrong with conversion tracking: I was telling Google's code to use dynamic pricing -- that is, to report the actual value of each conversion -- without implementing the custom Sunshop code that it requires, which is beyond my ability. I had also neglected to update the script each time I changed its options. After 47 days, I'm finally getting conversion data again. Without it, I couldn't tell which keywords are performing and tune up my ad campaigns. 

So that's something, anyway.

I brainstormed a couple of ideas for fishing sales out of the toilet while on my morning walk (braindrizzled is more like it...can one man brainstorm?) that might goose things a little, if I ever actually make the time to do them. With a dearth of the dreary days that chain me to my work desk and no positive reinforcement for toiling there I have very little motivation to work on Curio City. The chronic cash flow crisis is getting old, too. And, as trivial as this might sound, my senile, elderly cat starts yowling at 5 a.m. and pesters me for hours every day. I can't concentrate on anything.

Goosing things a little won't make much difference anyway. This week is going to come in $1,000 behind LY. In the few weeks since my site upgrade I've lost almost all of the gain over LY that I've built up throughout the year, and I don't see things magically returning to health anytime soon. I just don't care anymore. Why bother?


  1. Matrix4:17 PM

    I am not sure if you reading this, since i already mentioned that by putting media that your merchandise were featured on. You build credibility in eyes of new buyers. You have no reason not to put logo As seen in ..... on your site. Since you have so much white space there.
    Your side lacks credibillity that comes with major retailers, hence you need what ever you can get. Media is one way to build it, considering over the years you been in plenty of media, not having it on your site is insanity. Any way, if you dont implement that, i just wont post advice anymore since this is one thing that i know works for fact, and yet your site is as barren as virgin of media. If some things i suggest are optional, this is not optional, this is must have for all sites.

    1. Matrix, I always appreciate your suggestions, even when I don't agree with or entirely understand them. In this case, I don't know what media you're referring to or where you think their logos should go. A handful of products have gotten media mentions over the years (often many years ago), and that is noted on their product pages where they still exist (many are discontinued). Adding logos to those pages is a good idea going forward. When the attention is from minor media and focuses on one product I can add it to my slideshow in the future. I do intend to change that up at least monthly.

  2. Matrix10:00 AM

    Generaly when mentioned, i think you had New York times ones. You can put sign Mentioned or as seen in New York times on your front page, and it doesnt have to be for one product. If you were mentioned in the media, you can always put media on front page. As seen on:

    and best part, then it seems like your entire product line up was backed by media. Most product site do that, you don't want to have it on specific page for a product. All the big and medium sized media places (or even small ) can be featured on your site, without specific links or back story why or when you were featured. Hence if you had New York Times mentioned your product, it can be on your main Page: As seen in new york times! with times logo. You can have link to specific product but that completely optional.

    This will increase your sales, dont know by how much, depends on industry but it will increase your sales and per visitor conversion. That i can guarantee


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