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Friday, November 14, 2014

PayPal Is Trying to Kill Me

This week was shaping up to be a little bit better until a $150 return knocked it back into the dirt. Yesterday finished in the red and I'm facing the worst week in any November...ever. A normal November week never dips below $1,000; this year I haven't even broken $1,000. Oh well, at least that return isn't hanging over my head anymore. 

Most of the new products that I've been ordering are here now. What's the big hit so far? Bird kites! Yup, most of my business is coming from dropships that I still have to pay for. The $6,000 I spent on new products has returned $50 so far. I've slammed on the brakes now that it's obvious that there won't be a Christmas this year, but the hole is already dug.

Things could theoretically turn around during the most intense weeks of Christmas, which are still a couple of weeks away. And it's a good thing they are, because PayPal is going to end support for the SSL 3.0 security protocol on Dec. 3 -- the worst possible time to screw with a retailer's systems. What does that mean for Curio City? Hell if I know. I don't even understand the problem well enough to know whose help to seek. I will definitely be out of business if payment processing breaks during the busiest week of the year, so wrapping my head around all their technical jargon and acronyms just moved to the top of my priority list. This is way over my pay grade.

Maybe a quick, clean beheading would hurt less than this slow bloodletting. I'm not sure I want to drag that credit card debt through most of 2015.

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