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Friday, July 15, 2016

Osprey Versus Falcon

A peregrine falcon and an osprey go into a very large aviary. Who flies out? For the past 10 years, falcon kites and osprey kites have sold almost exactly one-for-one. The two kites are identical except for their printed graphics. The osprey took a comfortable lead when the falcon went out of stock earlier this year, and it hasn't looked back. I haven't sold a single falcon since they came back a month ago; meanwhile, I've been selling about 10 ospreys per week. I really have no idea why the osprey won that battle. My product description gives the osprey a slight edge in deterring seabirds (especially gulls), but that shouldn't be enough to deliver a knockout. Most shoppers don't read the description anyway.

On the remote chance that an undecided shopper is reading this: choose the raptor that's native to your locale.


I bulldogged my way through the Mailchimp interface and cranked out a basic little test newsletter that should hit mailboxes tonight. If the chimp's delivery and reporting look adequate then I can cancel Constant Contact next week. Theoretically, my recently pared mailing list should get pretty close to a 100% open rate; realistically, I still hope for better than 50%.

I've approached my developer about re-implementing the newsletter signup box on my checkout page (and squirreled away some money to pay him), but so far he's playing hard to get, as developers are wont to do.

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