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Friday, June 30, 2017

Keeping the Streak Alive

June was another good month. Beating LY was unexpected because a blueberry farm in Maine bought $1,400 worth of kites last June. Because most of this month's orders were dropships, I had to buy $2,000 worth of merchandise to drive $4,100 in sales, which means that only a trivial fraction of my sales came from the old inventory that I'm trying to dump and implies that business is going to crash hard after kite season ends. I can probably squeeze out one more good month before that happens.


Total income: +28.7
Payroll: -2.5%
Marketing: -27.78%
Net Income (Profit) vs LY: +2,412.6% (+$2,809)
Actual Profit/Loss: +$2,693

2017 YTD

Total income: +15.1%
Total COGS: +13.4%
Payroll: -29.3%
Marketing: -36.3%
Net Income (Profit) vs LY: +219.7% (+$4,299)
Actual Profit/Loss: +$2,342

The five-figure Blue Hills check that I've been awaiting for months finally arrived. It came so close to the end of the month that I decided to take it in the next quarter so that I can avoid giving the government its third for another three months, rather than in the next two weeks. So the numbers above include a little Blue Hills income, but they're close enough for Curio City. Excel says that this was the third-best June ever, and it only needs another $160 over the next day and a half to capture second place

I've reduced my debt from $8,800 to $4,200, but that progress will end when kite season does. Curio City's profit should disappear of its own accord. If it doesn't, I'll make it evaporate with markdowns.

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