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Friday, November 24, 2006

(Marketing) Score, Once More!

Today’s post is short, this being a holiday weekend. Blogging will take a back seat to sales from now through New Years Day.

That crazy USB Computer Fan is up to 137 units sold. I learned yesterday that the Washington Post’s Travel section will feature it in their Dec. 3 gift guide. Amazing! I have added a USB Mini Vacuum and a USB Light to appeal to the same customers. The vacuum is actually the coolest of the bunch.

Media kits went out last Monday. It cost me about $400 to send out 48. My fingers are crossed.

Today is “Black Friday” – so named because it’s the day that tips most retailers’ balance sheets into black ink. It is supposedly the busiest shopping day of the year (in my bookselling experience, that was never true, but it was undeniably a busy day). I don’t know what to expect for online sales. I hope that plenty of my customers will take to the internet in an effort to avoid the crowds, and it will be a big day for Curio City, too. We shall see. I have had two sales by noon -- an encouraging start, when you consider that many people are sleeping in and starting their day late.

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