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Friday, December 01, 2006

Cyber Monday: Fact or Crap?

Fact, I guess. We did set a new record for number of sales in one day. We would’ve surpassed our dollars-per-day record, too, if one of our intrepid customers hadn’t been foiled by an AVS check. Damn you, Internet security! Of course, it’s the kickoff of the Christmas season. We would’ve been busy regardless. Who can say whether Cyber Monday made any difference? Maybe it did for the big retailers who can afford to offer free freight and deep discounts. I wouldn’t know.

As it turned out, Thursday, Nov. 30, was our busiest day to date, and I expect to surpass it next week. Business is booming and the Christmas season is just getting cooking. Our little spot in the Washington Post is this Sunday. The next two weeks should be pure madness here.

Another fact: I am way too busy to put much effort into this blog for the next few weeks. Message ends.

Other Forthcoming Topics:

  • What Does Success Look Like?
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Possible Futures
  • Planned features

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  1. Good to hear that business is moving along, Ken. Let us know how your upcoming advertising blitz affects sales, or even just the site's traffic.


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