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Friday, August 31, 2007

I Met a Man Who Was Not There

Last week a customer’s order came back as undeliverable (not the first time that’s happened). What’s odd is that this customer had placed a subsequent order just a couple of weeks ago. Sure enough, that second package is being held at his local post office prior to bouncing back to me.

I e-mailed him. No response. I called: “This number is not in service.” Uh-oh. I’ve never had a customer disappear, although some gave me bogus contact info. I guess I’ll sit on these parcels until he contacts me. If he doesn’t surface within a suitable interval, I’ll return the items to stock and try to refund his charge card.

Sales nosedived this week, denying me both my monthly sales plan and my first decent paycheck since last Christmas. I blame Labor Day. August still finished well, overall. Last September was a dreadful month. Will I demolish it this year?

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