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Friday, November 09, 2007

The Pursehook Postcard Fiasco

Pursehook postcards went out as I left for the Berkshires, and started hitting on Monday.

Hitting my own mailbox, that is.

I printed the address labels with my return address above the recipient’s address, as I always do on packages. The post office scanners read the first address they encountered, so that’s where my cards went. I mailed them to myself.

At first I thought the whole batch would bounce. As of yesterday, though, I’d only gotten four cards back. Did the others get through alright? Or are they rattling around the delivery system somewhere, waiting to trickle back in?

I don’t know. It was a long shot anyway. Right now I’m up to my earlobes in the Sunshop 4 upgrade, which I dearly hope will occur this weekend. So, FWIW, I will just re-mail the four cards that came back...without return addresses on the label this time! Maybe one of them will be the magic card that gets attention and saves Christmas.

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