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Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Sun Sets on August

There wasn’t much going on in Curio City this week, so I’ll just dump the August numbers and leave it at that. Apologies to any loyal readers who missed me yesterday; Blogger was being emo.


Total income: -21.7%
Total COGS: -17.8%
Payroll: -5.0%
Marketing: -40.7%
Net Income (Profit): -67.1%

Year to Date: 

Total income: -0.2%
Total COGS: +0.5%
Payroll: +12.7%
Marketing: +3.2%
Net Income (Profit): -443%

Last August was my best non-Christmas month ever. This August was on the low side of normal. The $1,700 difference was enough to turn my modest YTD growth into a small loss.

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