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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another Underwhelming Week

I spaced out completely on making a post yesterday. Wish I could say that I was too busy, but I’m nowhere near busy enough. At least I was able to spend a couple of hours repairing our rotted porch steps. Ordinarily I'm just a slave to Curio City this week.

Daily sales had to average $384 to match LY. I only hit $274. The week started out pretty well but faded badly on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I should probably just yield Black Friday to the big guys rather than trying to compete – sales don’t work if you don’t advertise them, and my newsletter and Facebook pages combined barely reach 100 people. I had exactly one coupon redeemed, and that was by a friend who already gets a 15% everyday discount. 

Next week was the busiest of last year at $743/day. It would take a bolt from the blue to touch that this year. 

Oh well, it’s not all bad. The pace hasn’t overwhelmed me these past few weeks. And people are obligingly snapping up some of the old, dead stock that I’m happy to be rid of. I didn't overbuy, so 2013 should start out with some cash in the bank. My main regret (so far) is waiting too long to bring in new stuff. Some items haven’t even arrived yet and Christmas only has three weeks left to go.

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