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Friday, December 07, 2012

Dreaming of a Weird Christmas

This Christmas started several weeks late. It never did frenzy out of control, but this was an unexpectedly good week. Wednesday came within $96 of my all-time single-day sales record; finessing shipping charges a little would have put it over, but I’m above such chicanery. As of Friday afternoon I’ve already beat LY’s intimidating target; the rest of this week is gravy. If the week’s pattern of alternating crappy (sub-$500) and healthy ($1,000+) days holds up, today should be another good one…although it’s off to a mighty weak start so far. Come on, people.

If I can average $1,000/day between now and the end of Christmas on Dec. 17, I can erase my deficit and match LY. It’s bloody unlikely but not impossible. We’ve got one more balls-to-the-wall week ahead.

Their vendors were out by the time I tried to order my holiday quantities of Zombie Family car stickers and Obsessive Chef cutting boards (no links because they're sold out). I need to gamble on my hunches a few weeks sooner than I did this year, because my hunches are usually pretty good. Well, except for MetalWorks models. My only gamble this year has sold all of four units.


Hey! Google Checkout still works! I had my first sale since they changed the name to Google Wallet last summer. I thought that they’d broken my payment module, but apparently they only confused their customers. The payment method that used to deliver a few sales a month is all but dead.

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