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Friday, January 18, 2013


I decided to flog the old Vostro for one more year. QuickBooks brings my poor computer to its knees. I just archived all transactions prior to 2011. It doesn’t shrink the company file, but maybe it loads less of it into memory. Then I ran Crapcleaner and Defraggler. We’ll see if that helps. I’ve never had a Dell crap out on me yet…let’s hope this won’t be the first.

I’ve already spent the $1,000 that a new computer would’ve cost on solar-powered caps from Panther Vision, and I have my eye on lighted visors as well (no links because they’re not here yet, but you can find them in New Products next week). I’ve had requests for visors before and solar is just plain cool, so I’m confident that both lines will sell. Since Panther isn’t offering these on their wholesale site yet, I will have at least a temporary leg up on the competition. These new products will inevitably cannibalize some sales from my venerable lighted cap lines, but I’ll bet that they’ll land enough new business to buy me that computer next January. I just hope that one can still buy Windows 7 machines by then; I sure do not want Windows 8!

Even though it’s money well spent, it's spent. Cash flow is still comfortably in the black, but I can't buy any more new products if I want to keep it that way.

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