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Friday, November 08, 2013

Christmas: One Week Down, Six to Go

Panther Vision caps are back, baby. I don’t know where all that business went for most of the year, but now that sales are back to normal all is forgiven.

I realized this week that Corn-n-Tater advertising was eating up as much as half of my daily ad budget and crowding out more lucrative merchandise. With my link from the manufacturer’s page (free clicks!) still active until next week’s Dr. Oz promotion, I don't really need those ads. Sure enough other products gained traction when some ad bucks were freed up. I’ll pull out all of my budget stops next week anyway.

With the first week of Christmas nearly over, it’s looking pretty good. The high season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is six days shorter this year than last, and that’s surely going to depress December. Will November make up the difference? I will know by the end of next week. This season ought to be short but intense.

Blog entries will be short and sweet as Curio City gallops out of control over the next six weeks (and I have to make some time for the fall yard cleanup; those leaves won’t rake themselves).

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