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Friday, February 07, 2014

The Fortune for Tunes is Four

The first Newsday-inspired Tunes for Two order arrived at 10 am Monday. I immediately launched into full holiday mode -- same-day shipping, delivery-time countdown on the News page, and a Valentines-specific welcome message on my main page. Then I sat back and waited for the orders to flood in.

They didn’t. 

At 2 pm I dropped the price back down to $9.98. Simple sleuthing that I should have done a week ago showed it selling for as little as $5.86 on Amazon. How can they even do that? Either they're liquidating old stock or selling stolen merchandise. I paid $6.31 apiece including inbound freight. Other competitors are selling it in the $8 range; my page didn’t even register on Google’s first search results page. Anybody who googles the product name rather than typing my URL into their browser – which is nearly everyone -- is going to buy it someplace else.

I ultimately sold three more pieces at the discounted price. Final tally: 36 pieces bought for $227.12; four sold for $42.93. So much for the big score. Oh well, at least I have a lifetime supply of these things for future Valentines Days. I might make my cost back eventually. There aren’t any batteries to go bad in storage, competitors will drop by the wayside as they sell out and the product ages, and next year I’ll start it off at $7.98.

The related TV spot that they recorded on the 5th won’t air until the 10th, so that’s completely pointless.

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  1. matrix7:24 PM

    That sounds about right. Publicity has never been that good to my business either. Never resulted in outright crazy sales. If it was really big, i might get one sale, but anything else was irrelevant aside from building credibility. Which also became at some point irrelevant once you get enough media.
    Do you use As featured in "NewsWeek" or something on product. And on main page " Featured in : and then list all the media you been featured in". This allows for credibility building, people more like to buy from you if they see media.


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