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Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Numbers

August was another decent month. It might have been an excellent month had I not slammed on the brakes for a technology upgrade this week. Excel says that total income beat LY by $700+, whereas Quickbooks only recognizes $508, but it's a win either way. The numbers speak for themselves. 


Total income: +14.7%
Total COGS: +9.4%
Payroll: +21.8%
Marketing: +24.5%
Net Income (Profit): +499.6% (+$76)

Year to Date

Total income: +14.1%
Total COGS: +49%
Payroll: -33%
Marketing: +14%
Net Income (Profit): +46.6% (+$4,327)

Sales targets start to get tough next week. Christmas season starts in a month and there's still no cash in the till for new products.

The big news for August, of course, is Curio City's makeover. It took longer than I expected. I paid for the upgrade and turned off my advertising on Monday. The job wasn't completed until late on Wednesday. I've had only three sales all week, but one of them was substantial, so I didn't get slaughtered. I only lit my advertising up again last night. A test transaction went through without a hitch today, but I can't relax until I get my first real sale through the new website. Right now the crickets sound pretty loud.

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