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Friday, November 20, 2015

Social Randomness

Week 3 of 7 is going to end $1,250 in the red. Thanks to LY's $1,500 bird kite order, this week would have "broken even" at $1,500 behind LY, so the negative $1,250 result counts as a positive $250, as far as I'm concerned. Rationalization aside, though, November's now running $750 behind LY and I'm facing strong numbers next week. Pulling this month out of the fire is unlikely. In fact, it's likely to be the worst November on record -- a distinction that would've fallen to last November had it not been for that big kite sale.  

Someone shared a years-old Facebook post about Panther Vision beanies; that Random Act of (social) Media was worth somewhere around $250. As an antisocial person, this social media stuff baffles me. I stopped paying attention to Facebook long ago, after they admitted that they suppress business posts. It never occurred to me that a real customer might visit my page, read ancient posts, and actually share one (likes are all well and good, but shares are pure gold). Unfortunately, the mini-rush panicked me into placing another $600 reorder.   

That will probably prove to be a good thing; Panther is already sold out of yellow, orange, and orchid beanies. The popular navy, black, and camo hats are likely to disappear next week. I knew that would happen and stocked up early. Right now, I'm nervous that I have too much inventory; in a couple of weeks I hope that it will prove to be too little, which would mean that my overall buy was just about right. 

I'd hoped to use December to pay off the $7,400 debt that I've already incurred, but circumstances compelled me to add another $1,400 in reorders. Oh well, needing more stock is a good problem to have. I just wish people would buy some of my other stuff like, oh, Metal Earth (Amount spent: $1,833; amount earned: $210).

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