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Friday, November 13, 2015

T Minus 7...

It's time to start counting down the Six Weeks of Christmas, which actually last seven solid weeks this year (Nov. 1 through approximately Dec. 20). Since the holiday is actually on a Friday, I should enjoy the first couple of days of the holiday week as well. So where are we at?

Week 1, ended 11/7, came in $79 ahead of LY, or about 8%. Yay.

Week 2, ending 11/14, is already $410 ahead of LY, or more than 50%, with a day and a half left to go. Double Yay.

I'm afraid that Week 3 is heading for a big "Boo" because LY included a $1,500 kite sale. The $489 lead that I'm bringing into it certainly helps, but there's still a long way to go. Even though November is shaping up pretty well in general, it's probably doomed unless lightning strikes again this year. 

My first Metal Earth order finally broke the ice. Amount spent: $1,833; amount earned: $198. I'm sorely tempted to squeeze in one more small order if the floodgates are opening (who would've guessed that the Farm Tractor would be the first to sell out?), but I'm already dragging a massive credit card bill into December and break-even on Metal Earth is still a long ways out. So, No. 

Good old reliable Panther Vision beanies are good and reliable, as expected. Probably going to need at least one more reorder there. Panther has a history of running out of stock right around now and my credit card statement period just rolled into December, so I'd probably better do that today.

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