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Friday, March 03, 2017

The Beginning Is Finally Finished

I hereby pronounce the Blue Hills website finished. Creating the final page took forever. The BoldGrid editor works fine when adapting one of their templates, but it's persnickety when creating a page from scratch. I just want a simple text page with some headings and columns and tinted backgrounds. I struggled for hours to set it up (more or less) the way I wanted it...and then I lost connection to InMotion's database and, with that, the whole morning's work. I finally slapped the text up there without any of the painstaking formatting. That light blue background on some blocks? Completely random, and it doesn't even show up in the editor. Maybe someday I'll redo the page from a template so that I can gussy it up, but for now, I'm sick of looking at it. So: Done.

(Sorry, Matrix: Antique typewriters are a common and time-honored image among writers and editors and a big solid typewriter reinforces the tradition and experience that we're selling. Plus, Anne and I both like it. So my pictures stay.)

In addition to finishing the website, I established a PayPal account and re-recorded my voicemail greeting. Every detail that I can think of is checked off. I'll announce Blue Hills to the world and start beating the bushes for clients on Monday. No point in doing that on a Friday.

I am less than impressed with InMotion Hosting so far -- the connection is always slow and uptime is less than 100% -- but I've put far too much effort into building the website to chuck it and start over elsewhere. My site is more of a place to refer personal contacts than a sales tool to recruit strangers, so I don't expect a lot of traffic anyway. 


March was off to a great start until a school teacher requested permission to return $125 worth of kites that aren't suitable props for her play. Crap. I had already restocked them, so when those come back I'll have a three-year supply of blackbirds. Oh well, that's retail for you.

On the plus side, it's already shaping up to be a good spring for bird kites...and since kites are really all that I have left, that's very good news.

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