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Friday, April 26, 2013

There Sure Is a Lot of Paper In Here

For a virtual business, I sure do pile a lot of paper on the filing cabinet next to my chair, underneath my clothes rack (my office is a glorified closet). Shuffling through my clothes can trigger a paperslide when the stack gets more than six inches high.

Another paperslide this week buried last year’s paperslide that I never bothered to pick up, so it was time to gather it up and throw 99% of it away. Do I really need copies of bank and credit card statements going back to 2010? Not when they’re available online. Toss ‘em! Packing lists and invoices? I kept one recent invoice from each active vendor just so that I can find my account numbers and pitched the rest. Receipt for the $90 printer I bought four years ago? Gone. Tax returns for 2010-12? Well, yeah, I ought to keep those.


Of the four orders I’ve had for Corn-n-Tater bags, one went to a friend (thanks, Joy!) and three went to customers in Kansas. I don’t know what’s special about Kansas. Maybe the manufacturer is marketing there, or maybe Kansans just like to say “tater.” 


This being the last full week of April, it’s time for the monthly numbers.


Total income: -9.8%
Total COGS: -3.9%
Payroll: +32.8%
Marketing: -15%
Net Income (Profit): -109.7% (-$417)

Year to Date: 

Total income: -18.5%
Total COGS: -28.4%
Payroll: -15%
Marketing: -26.9%
Net Income (Profit): +19% (+$388)

It was a slightly better month, or at least less bad, thanks entirely to a fluke $400 day this Wednesday. Blips like that are meaningless. 

Looking ahead…last May was exceptionally good with three bulk sales, so I’m sure to fall dramatically farther behind again next month. I don’t expect this trend to stabilize until July, when sales collapsed last year.

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