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Friday, May 03, 2013

Revising History

The last two days of fiscal April were almost strong enough to turn the month black. Being anal about numbers, and having nothing else to post today, I therefore offer this revision to last week's numbers. 


Total income: -2.4%
Total COGS: +3.6%
Payroll: +32.8%
Marketing: -11.5%
Net Income (Profit): -72.7% (-$276)

Year to Date: 

Total income: -16.9%
Total COGS: -24.1%
Payroll: -15%
Marketing: -26.9%
Net Income (Profit): +25.9% (+$529)

The expected May bloodbath is underway, though. May 2012 was my strongest non-Christmas month ever, whereas the first week of this May is on track to be the worst of the year. That’s been the pattern all year – one average-to-good week alternates with one poor week, keeping all of my paychecks anemic.  

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