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Friday, May 16, 2014

I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Well, I didn't see this coming: I was able to pay off my Amex card in full, including the new $550 computer. One big kite sale and one big golf ball order made all the difference (in fact, this week has a good shot at being the best of this year to date). Cash is still a little tighter than usual but I'm not in debt.
The last financial hurdle for this year is paying my CPA's tax prep fee. Since he hasn't completed my return yet, I might be able to sock away the money before it's due and get a little bit ahead of the game. Once that's covered I can finally invest in that long-delayed website update and some new products.

The new Inspiron is working out fine, btw, except for one stupid quirk. Dell's power management scheme has a neat battery-preservation feature that continuously drains your battery to 85% and recharges it. However, the same scheme turns off the wireless card after 10 minutes on battery. You can forget about persistent wifi if you want to use the battery saver. In fact, it seems that you can forget about wifi on battery power altogether even when you set Power Settings/Wireless Adapter Settings/On Battery to "Maximum performance." Apparently that doesn't mean "never turn it off."

It's a good thing I very rarely have to unplug my computer.

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