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Friday, May 23, 2014

We Need More Tyvek, Mr Scott!

Bird kites are turning into the wind beneath May's wings, but supply problems are holding them down this year. I've only got four Create-a-Birds left, my single bestselling kite with 563 sold to date. Jackite is out of stock and won't make more until they need to reprint the Cardinal and Blue Jay. I can't argue with the economics of scale; all of the "small birds" are cut from the same die and Create-a-Bird is a weak seller for Jackite. Can I expect to see more in days? weeks? months? "Oh, months at least -- we haven't even ordered the Tyvek yet." That's likely to cost me a couple hundred bucks a month. 

I've sold 68 poles for nearly $3,000 since I started selling them as a dropship last year. Last week I found out that Jackite is out of their most popular sizes and colors until late June or early July. That's going to cost me another few hundred bucks. One problem with dropshipping is that I only discover out-of-stocks when I can't fill a customer's order. 

On the plus side, the long-delayed Switchables freight container is supposed to arrive from China today. At last count I had an unprecedented 15 styles on backorder.  

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