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Friday, May 09, 2014

What's a Mother to Do?

I totally spaced out on Mothers Day this year. The shipping window was already closing by the time I flipped the calendar to May and remembered that I ought to run a coupon. Sunday was the earliest I could've cranked out a newsletter and Wednesday was the cutoff for regular shipping. 

Oh well, I don't have any new products to flog anyway and it's hard to get enthused about the same old same old. 

Frankly, I gave Curio City precious little attention this week (with predictable results). My priority was painting the porch decks for the first time in 10-ish years...and that took twice as long as I had expected. It seems that I work slower at 57 than I did at 37. The rest of May is about yard work, putting in my vegetable garden, and generally getting the house ready for summer.

If rain prevents me from polishing off the porch today I'll see if I can pick up the Curio City ball that I dropped.

The garden will be in by Fathers Day and I have better "man products" anyway, so maybe I can make it up in June. 

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