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Friday, August 07, 2015

In Living Color

I neglected Curio City almost entirely last week, even deciding not to return some voice mails (pro tip: If you're going to leave a message, tell me what you want. I'll assume that you're a salesman if you just leave your name and number and say "call me"). As soon as we got back from a week's vacation, a painting crew descended on our house for a week. After they finished up I had to catch up on two weeks of deferred gardening, then finish up some painting that I couldn't pay the professionals to do. 

Despite the distractions, I managed to ship all of the week's orders on time and even sold $300 worth of bird kites to a Wisconsin vineyard. Curio City can manage without me for a few days here and there. 

The rocking chairs and table on the porch look brand new, and our faded wooden front door now sports our burgundy accent color (matching the porch ceiling). Those little projects took me as long as it took the crew to paint the whole house. 
And it's still not Curio City's time yet. It will take me another three or four days to prep and paint the back and front porch floors and steps. Maybe I can get down to business toward the middle of next week. 

The only thing that's really booming is spam. It's only gotten worse since the last time I complained about it; I'm averaging 35 junk emails a day now. The latest trends are hot Asian girls who want to meet me and divorce attorneys...do you suppose they're connected?

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