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Friday, February 26, 2016

Another February Down

The most depressing month of the year is finally over. A person of my age shouldn't wish the time away, but seasonal depression always makes me want to either hibernate or hit the fast-forward button from Halloween through February. This batch of numbers isn't exactly a feel-good tonic. The best thing I can say about February is that I kept my advertising costs down...but since sales fell by a larger percentage, even that's not really good news. 


Total income: -10.6%
Total COGS: -18.8%
Payroll: -21.2%

Marketing: -4.8%
Net Income (Profit) vs LY: -34.6% (-$30)

Actual Profit/Loss: -$117


Total income: +0.1%
Total COGS: -0.1%
Payroll: -2.9%

Marketing: -27.6%
Net Income (Profit) vs LY: +71.7% (+$544)

Actual Profit/Loss: -$215

The YTD profit number will turn deeper red after I pay my CPA -- the last big annual expense I have to meet before I can start digging out of debt. Technically, I haven't paid my excise tax yet, either -- the payment is queued up for March 15 and the money's there to cover it, but it isn't reflected in these statistics. 

The odds of gaining any ground against LY's strong March look slim.

The Metal Earth dropship arrangement that I've been writing about has brought in one $10 sale so far. Not that I'm turning my nose up at ten bucks, but it's not looking like a game-changer at this early stage.


Super Tuesday is coming right up. If you're among the throngs who will vote on March 1 (as I am), be sure to vote for anybody but Trump if you're a Republican, or support Sanders if you're a Democrat or an independent. With the number of delegates in play, this could very well be the last chance to prevent a Trump presidency -- if he wins the Republican nod and Democrats are foolhardy enough to nominate Clinton, then Trump's victory in November is assured.  

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