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Friday, February 19, 2016

Happy Smegging Holidays

With Valentines Day and Presidents Day falling back to back, last weekend predictably sucked: Shutouts on Friday and Monday bracketed all of $20 worth of sales over four days. So when someone with no name or callback number left a voicemail on Monday night complaining that my website was borked, I scrambled to investigate. Everything looked hunky-dory, but I was anxious anyway. Surely I'd have a sale waiting on Tuesday morning.


Well, OK then. This was supposed to be one of the year's worst weeks, but I really need at least some cash trickling in. Reluctantly, I stepped up my advertising. Spending more money when there's nothing coming in doesn't seem wise, but what else can I do?

Maybe it worked. After a couple of hours I landed a $150 sale -- more than enough to cover the $90 return that finally arrived at the same time. At least that's not hanging over my head anymore.

An hour-long phone consultation with Bing Ad Services (Microsoft) Tuesday afternoon yielded some potentially valuable tips, but it all has to start with making a snippet of Javascript appear on all of my pages. Bing's now-defunct tracking code only appeared on the checkout page. I don't know which PHP file should get that code and my plea for help on Turnkey's forum fell on deaf ears, so Bing is still turned off.

Oh well...today my long-awaited Metal Earth dropship arrangement is supposed to begin. I will soon know if it's going to amount to anything. A couple of Metal Earth sales last week gave me grounds for some cautious optimism.   

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