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Friday, February 12, 2016

If You Really Loved Me...

My corporate excise tax is paid. Well, not exactly paid...but $456 is parked in savings (where it'll rack up 10 or 20 cents in interest), and both the transfer back into checking and the payment to the state are scheduled. Next I need to pay off my Amex bill and make the minimum payment on my Mastercard. Then the Secretary of State wants $109 for, um, whatever vitally important service the SecState provides. Then comes the biggest single expense, paying my CPA, whose fee exceeds my own year-to-date take-home pay. After he's paid I can finally start chipping away at my ever-mounting credit card debt; it will take at least 2-3 months to slay that. Last, but not least, I'd like to have the new Sunshop version that adds some spiffy new features. I'm two versions behind this major update, so I have to hire my contract IT guy ($200-ish) rather than use Turnkey's quick-n-dirty $75 upgrade. It will be summer by the time I can afford that. 

Scraping together all of that money for nothing always murders the already-moribund first quarter. I should really pay all of this tax-related stuff out of my Christmas receipts instead of blowing everything on operations. I probably say that every spring...but by the time November rolls around I can only think about spending whatever it takes to service Christmas.

Valentines Day turned out to be even more of a non-holiday than usual this year. Ordinarily the general increase in people shopping spills over on me a little bit, even though I don't have anything for them and don't court them. What should have been February's best week (which isn't saying much) is actually running more than 50% behind LY. 

Clearly, love is dead.

I might need to step up my advertising game after this holiday weekend. I've been keeping my spend below $15 a day while still making my sales targets...up to now.  

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